In the last difficult year of pandemic we had the opportunity to review the business and I create short recap of some points of analysis.

  1. The managers must be always ready to change the strategy, to do it, the data are essential
  2. A company with fast processes has many advantages, this is more evident in a difficult period
  3. A bad stock control can kill a company
  4. Technology helps the business and the company should stay in line with the last technological trends
  5. An huge office is a cost, there are many works can be done from home but there is the point 6
  6. Humans are social animals and we need periodical meetings to fix troubles, increase the motivation and improve the team work
  7. Social medias are essential to communicate but the management isn’t only the creation of some nice posts
  8. The constant engagement of customers needs a CRM or a database
  9. The supply chain is a key of business: the buying of right product, receive it at the right time and send it fast to the customers is an incredible advantage
  10. The manager isn’t an easy role, there are often difficult decision to take